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Observes the change in speed to give a visual bar or graph HUD for acceleration.

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Accel Hud:

  • Added: setting for the displayed range.
  • Added: second color for when accel is over a target threshold
  • Added: smoothing setting to reduce jitter when running high framerates


  • Added: many settings for customization.
  • Added: Timespan setting to change display range of graph (beware, high values may impact performance)
  • Added: Can now display checkpoints and gear shifts in the graph.
  • Fixed: time scale is more accurate, and will pause when the game is paused.
  • Removed: Speed graph, this will make a return in the next update.
  • Changed: smoothing now averages over 4 frames instead of 2


  • Fix: Scripts drop-down menu name.


  • Initial Release