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Classic menu

Use the classic ManiaPlanet menus from the new menus. Also works in Trackmania and Turbo!

Twitch Chat

Twitch Chat overlay right in the game, including chat commands.

Http Inspector

Inspect web requests made to the game's webservices.


A clock.


Display a bunch of vehicle information on screen.

Load progress

Shows what the game is currently loading.

Better Chat

Complete in-game chat replacement.

Thumbnail Preview

Show a preview of what a map's thumbnail will look like in-game.

TMGL Match Viewer

View all active TMGL matches in real time!

All Decoration Unlocker

This will make you able to create a map without stadium.

Shoutbox (Auth Example)

A shoutbox. Example for the new Auth API.

Overlay Style Manager

Easily install and create overlay styles.

Editor Trails

Display trails in the editor after test driving your track.

Sponsor Miss

You can support them via their sponsor page!

Sponsor Miss