Downloads for ManiaPlanet 4

Openplanet 1.26.0

23 days ago

Download 1.26.0
  • Added first version of plugin manifests; this replaces having many different *.sig files in a plugin with a single .manifest file, and is a stepping stone towards bigger features to come
  • Added first version of competition profiles; this allows competitions to explicitly define allow- and block-lists (in coordination with the Openplanet team)
  • Updated Angelscript

Openplanet 1.25.45

3 months ago

Download 1.25.45
  • Added opEquals for vectors
  • Added Text::EncodeBase64 and Text::DecodeBase64
  • Added Net::HttpRequest::Json()
  • Added Openplanet-Old.log for the previous session log file
  • Added export_dependencies to plugin info file which is useful for nested dependencies (eg. A depends on B depends on C, where B's exports contains types from C)
  • Added the ability to use the core API audience in the NadeoServices dependency
  • Added the ability to display descriptions for screenshots in the Plugin Manager (thanks MisfitMaid)
  • Added the ability to display screenshots at arbitrary aspect ratios in the Plugin Manager (thanks MisfitMaid)
  • Updated Angelscript (potential performance improvements)
  • Fixed crash when loading fids
  • Fixed crash when using Reflection::GetType* functions with non-existing class name or type ID
  • Fixed divide by zero error when resizing the plugin manager to very small sizes (thanks skybaks)

Openplanet 1.25.40

5 months ago

Download 1.25.40
  • Added UI scale option to settings (requires a game restart, and may still have issues in certain plugins)
  • Added UI::GetScale
  • Added the ability to Shift+Click on menu items to not close the menu
  • Added support for MwStridedArray
  • Added support for castor callbacks, this allows casting structures such as CGameDirectLinkScript
  • Added UI::SetMouseCursor
  • Added UI::ButtonColored
  • Added UI::Indent and UI::Unindent
  • Added Json::Value factory functions for all types, and any class that implements Json::Value@ ToJson() const
  • Added Text::FormatOpenplanetColor and Text::FormatGameColor
  • Added int2, int3, nat2, nat3 to Dev API's
  • Added "Explore nod" menu item in Fid Explorer
  • Added logs when disabling & enabling plugins and loading disabled plugins
  • Added logs for more uninitialization routines
  • Added option to the log window to disable automatic scrolling
  • Added more detailed view of nod pools in Nod Explorer
  • Improved performance of Openplanet hashtables
  • Improved performance of class and member lookups
  • Improved error reporting for plugins without (valid) signatures
  • Fixed assertion when empty window title is provided to UI::Begin (it will now throw a script exception instead)
  • Fixed assertion when passing invalid float value to aspect in Mat4::Perspective
  • Fixed showing overlay toggle keys in the settings that don't generally work on a keyboard
  • Fixed conflicting module names for plugins (they now correctly throw errors)
  • Fixed broken UI in Nod Explorer's proc call when vec2 and vec3 parameters are present
  • Fixed ambiguous IDs with arrays in Nod Explorer
  • Fixed crash when clicking on string parameters in Nod Explorer's proc call window
  • Fixed "Update Tree" menu item in Fid Explorer causing a crash

Openplanet 1.25.16

12 months ago

Download 1.25.16
  • Added support for int64 and uint64 settings
  • Added updated plugin signature format
  • Added more informative in-game Openplanet update notification
  • Added missing math vector functions
  • Added profiler timing for ProcIntercept
  • Added Meta::UnloadedPlugins
  • Fixed plugins getting re-enabled after plugin compilation failure
  • Fixed Time::ParseFromRelativeTime not including milliseconds
  • Fixed version check for compatibility-disabled plugins not disabling older plugin versions
  • Fixed crash that could happen when using certain API's in an intercepted proc
  • Updated Angelscript
  • Cleaned up some logging
  • Fixed crash when displaying a nod of a class that has IdName redefined as a different type (for example, CPlugGameSkinAndFolder)
  • Fixed clearing json value when assigning itself to itself
  • Fixed game throwing a Maniascript error when intercepted procs were being blocked (this was a problem with Ghost Scrubber, for example)
  • Fixed multiline strings not (de)serializing correctly
  • Fixed Plugin Manager not being able to update plugins when they were disabled through app config

Openplanet 1.25.6

1 year ago

Download 1.25.6
  • Added signature modes: you can now load the game with only a specific set of plugins; all signed and unsigned plugins, all signed plugins, all TMGL-approved plugins, and all official plugins. (Previously TMGL-approved plugins were available as a separate Openplanet build, but is now released publicly!)
  • Added "enable window docking with shift" option to new "overlay" settings menu
  • Added ability to create custom overlay styles
  • Added experimental JIT compiler to speed up script execution with about 30% (must be enabled in the settings)
  • Added slight script execution performance improvements
  • Added a full Openplanet profiler to the debugger menu that can profile all plugins as well as Openplanet itself
  • Added option to warn on hung plugin frames (recommended to enable when developing plugins)
  • Performance should be a bit better overall
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to close nod explorer tabs
  • Updated Angelscript and Curl

For developers:

  • Added SQLite API
  • Added ability to show custom icons on scripted settings tabs
  • Added more support for Markdown in UI::Markdown
  • Added UI::IsDockingEnabled
  • Added UI::BeginListBox and UI::EndListBox
  • Added UI::SliderDouble
  • Added IO::FileModifiedTime
  • Added format parameters to UI slider functions
  • Added Math::IsNaN, Math::IsInf, Math::SwapBytes, Math::Slerp
  • Added more functions to the quat class to make it much more useful
  • Added Net::HttpRequest::Error
  • Added Net::SecureSocket::Write with MemoryBuffer
  • Added MemoryBuffer::WriteFromBuffer and MemoryBuffer::ReadBuffer
  • Added CMwStack::CurrentBufferX functions
  • Added Meta API to get required and optional plugin dependencies
  • Added common vector swizzles: vec3::xy, vec4::xyz, int3::xy, nat3::xy
  • Added support for double setting types
  • Added experimental CGameNetwork::GetManialinkPages
  • Added more profiling options to the debugger menu
  • Json::Value is now a reference type instead of a value type, allowing more efficiently passing around objects
  • Added void RenderEarly() callback to handle early rendering. This is useful for dependency plugins such as Camera that need to execute some logic during rendering, but don't necessarily have to render something.
  • Added sanity check warnings for get_Property() method calls instead of .Property
  • Added sanity check warnings for class methods that are missing override keywords
  • Added sanity check warnings for string parameters in functions that are unnecessarily copied
  • Fixed multi threaded plugin execution to be a little bit safer (but not completely safe)
  • Fixed crash when calling Discord::GetUser before Discord is actually ready
  • The script is now only added to packaged .op plugins (to make sure developers don't use deprecated functionality during development)
  • Upgraded some script imports to built-in API's: Permissions, Time, Formatting (importing them manually is now deprecated)
  • Deprecated script imports are now skipped and throw warnings instead of importing an empty script
  • Deprecated void RenderSettings() without [SettingsTab]