The advanced extension platform for Trackmania and Maniaplanet.


Alternative scripting platform for the Trackmania and Maniaplanet creative community.

Openplanet unlocks the true potential of Trackmania, Maniaplanet, and TrackMania Turbo.

With Openplanet installed, you automatically have access to a lot of new features in Trackmania, Maniaplanet, and Turbo. Some highlights include:

  • Many custom plugins and tools created by the community.
  • An in-game plugin manager to easily install plugins and keep them updated.
  • Exploring all of the game's internals within the Openplanet overlay.
  • Browsing and extracting files from Pack.Gbx and .pak files.
  • Full Discord Rich Presence integration for Trackmania, Maniaplanet, and Turbo.
  • Unlimited item embed size for maps.
  • Advanced scripting language AngelScript to make your own Openplanet plugins.
  • Increasing map decor size to 64 x 64 and beyond.
  • Unlocking environment mixing on TrackMania 2 Stadium.

If you're ready to give Openplanet a try, head on over to the downloads page and download the latest version, then check out the documentation to bring you up to speed.

Join the Openplanet Discord to stay up to date on the latest news, and talk to other people from the Trackmania and Maniaplanet community. It also serves as a place for game update notifications.


The best way to support Openplanet development is through Patreon!

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Additionally, you can support me by subscribing on Twitch! Also, why not join the discord and say hi? :)

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