Privacy Policy

Visiting the Openplanet website might log some minimal statistics about you to Goatcounter. Refer to their privacy policy for more details. The Openplanet website itself stores no information about you, unless you log in using Github (see the last paragraph).

When downloading a plugin (via the browser or through the plugin manager), your IP address is associated with downloading that specific plugin for at most 1 hour. This information is not shown anywhere, and is only used as a basic measurement against artificially inflating plugin download counts.

When Openplanet starts in game, it will automatically check for updates, and prompt you to install it. (Note that it is important to keep Openplanet updated to avoid compatibility issues!) In addition to checking for game updates, Openplanet will automatically make a request to this website's API to get a runtime configuration, which includes a list of plugins that might cause game crashes or instability. You can inspect the contents of this configuration here.

The in-game plugin manager will by default check for plugin updates on startup, and after that every 30 minutes. The data transmitted will be a list of installed plugin ID's (numeric) for plugins installed through the plugin manager.

If you log in to the Openplanet site with your Github account, we store the following pieces of information relating to your account: Your username, your Github account's ID, the primary email address associated with your Github account, the time you logged in, and your IP address. Your email address is only used to email you notifications about your plugin reviews. Your IP address is stored to detect and avoid abuse on our website.

You may also connect your game accounts to your account. Doing this will add your game account's unique identifier (which can be your account ID and display name for Trackmania, or username for Maniaplanet) to your account information. This linked account information may be displayed publicly if you are a "trusted developer", as part of our transparency efforts on the trusted developers page.

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