Recompress Map (exe)

A file by XertroV(Trusted developer)

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Created 1 year ago
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tm-recompress-map.exe will recompress a map, this can save a few hundred KB. In extreme cases (multiple items with the same mesh, for example) it could save more.

It works using GBX.NET by decompressing all items in the map file. (They are stored in the map file in a pre-compressed format.)

This means the compression on the map itself can compress multiple uncompressed items, which can save space overall.

To use, drop a .Map.Gbx file onto the exe -- a new map file called <MapName>_Recompressed.Map.Gbx will be created along-side the original map.

You can also run it from a CLI like .\tm-recompress-map.exe ..\Documents\Trackmania\maps\Project_pepa\Project_Pepa_v101_XertroV.Map.Gbx