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Disclaimer: This file has not been reviewed by the Openplanet team. Please use it at your own risk.

Create the 11 gates variants from a custom item

How to make custom gates:

  • Create an item with Blender as usual
  • Add a _trigger_ object that will be the zone where the gameplay takes effect. Either rename the object or use the Manipulations tab. Let the Waypoint attribute to default and don't add any _socket_.
  • Use the following materials: TM_TriggerFXTurbo_asset, TM_SpecialSignTurbo_asset, TM_SpecialSignOff_asset, TM_SpecialFXTurbo_asset, TM_DecalSpecialTurbo_asset (The item must be based on Turbo materials)
  • Export your object as usual
  • Drag&Drop it onto the exe file, it will create 11 variants in the same folder

Blender example file:


My item is not collidable

Be sure to add at least one object with _notcollidable_. Usually it's the one with the TriggerFXTurbo texture

My TriggerFXTurbo won't show

It's a known bug from NadeoImporter. Be sure to install the latest version of Blendermania + to install NadeoImporter again with it.

The textures are the same for all variants

Be sure to use the materials listed above, not the TM_Turbo_xxx ones.

How to change the TriggerFXTurbo transparency

Add a a color attribute to the vertices and then it's from black (transparent) to white (opaque). The template has the same value as native items.

Source code: