10k+ file hashes for Maniaplanet

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Created 5 years ago
Updated 4 years ago

This is my personal list of 10k+ resolved file hashes for pack exploring. It can be used by Openplanet to resolve many filenames in .pak files when exploring the files. I'll do my best to keep it updated every now and then.


  1. Make sure the game is not open.
  2. Download and put this file in C:\Users\Username\Openplanet4\FileHashes.txt
  3. Use the Pack Explorer to browse packs!

Current status as of 2019-08-05:

Pack Number of hashes missing
Resource.pak Complete!
ManiaPlanet.pak 276
ManiaPlanet_ActionFx.pak Complete!
Titles.pak Complete!
TrackMania.pak 32
ShootMania.pak 41
TMCanyon.pak 1
TMStadium.pak 3
TMValley.pak 14
TMLagoon.pak 9
SMStorm.pak 36

Normally, you can "develop" a file like this yourself gradually by re-indexing .pak files from Pack Explorer. For example, after a map switch, each map might have some other file referenced which wasn't resolved before. When it's resolved, it will be added to this file.

If you have a huge FileHashes.txt file yourself, please share it with me on Discord! I'll merge all the new hashes into my file and update this download.