Environement-Free TM Blocks

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Created 4 years ago
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Disclaimer: This file has not been reviewed by the Openplanet team. Please use it at your own risk.

This item pack gives you almost all blocks of TM environement in special item format.

Important points:

-Items are environement free, it means that stadium items can be used in canyon as long as stadium is loaded (recommend to useTMALL for envimix mapping)

-those item doesn't require openplanet to be used

-non openplanet users can play maps using those

-those items don't embed the model (really low embed)

-blocks can be off grid and rotated

-blocks are usable in shootmania

Annoying points:

-some blocks are in parts so they are anoying to delete

-environement got to be loaded to see items, placing canyon blocks in stadium ttp require you to open canyon ttp at least once to load it or just go in tmall

-base block grid isn't applied to item (can be fixed by using the plugin shipped with the items)

-Blocks behavior is broken (checkpoints, starts etc..)