No Stadium Base Maps

A file by eyebo(Trusted developer)

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Created 3 years ago
Updated 7 months ago

All of these base maps are based on the NoStadium Template by Nadeo

These are new files with no sound bug.

Unzip the archive into: Documents\Trackmania\Maps\
In-game go to Create -> Track Editor -> Edit a Track

Grass, Void, and Water (3 blocks deep)
Sizes: 48³, 64³, 128³, 255³
All 4 moods for each size and variant

Deep Water
Sizes: 48³
All 4 moods

Sizes: 48³
Grass, Void, and Water variants
All 4 moods for each variant

Special thanks to Plantathon for making this set possible.
And thanks to MosKi for creating the old base maps.