No Stadium Base Maps

A file by eyebo(Trusted developer)

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Created 4 years ago
Updated 3 months ago

EDIT 2024-01-11: Updated the base maps to support new wood gameplay. If you've downloaded the pack before, please download it again!

All of these base maps are based on the NoStadium Template by Nadeo

These are new files with no sound bug.

Unzip the archive into: Documents\Trackmania\Maps\
In-game go to Create -> Track Editor -> Edit a Track

Grass, Void, and Water (3 blocks deep)
Sizes: 48³, 64³, 128³, 255³
All 4 moods for each size and variant

Deep Water
Sizes: 48³
All 4 moods

Sizes: 48³
Grass, Void, and Water variants
All 4 moods for each variant

Special thanks to Plantathon for making this set possible.
And thanks to MosKi for creating the old base maps.