Bases for ManiaPlanet maps with mixed decorations

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Bases for ManiaPlanet maps with mixed decorations

Created by Dommy - Last updated 19th of June 2019

This package contains several maps, which can be used as a base for building in decoration from a different environment.

Contents overview

Look up the table below to check which environment + decoration combos are available in this package:

Decoration Canyon Stadium Valley Lagoon Storm
Canyon 32 X X X X /!\
Stadium 32 X X X X /!\
Stadium 64 X* X X* X* /!\
Valley 32 X X X X /!\
Valley 48 X X X X /!\
Valley 64 X X X X
Lagoon 48 X X X X /!\
Storm Land 48 /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\
Storm Water 48 /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\

X* - Sunrise, Sunset and Night bases for Stadium 64 are based on Day mood with daytime changed via slider. /!\ - Base is deprecated and can no longer be loaded in current ManiaPlanet build.


Download the zip and unpack the contents into your Maps\ directory. Refresh the map browser if necessary. Use these bases under one of following criteria:

  • In a title pack using TMAll for base, where you can mix decorations of all TrackMania environments.
  • Alternatively, by opening decoration origin environment title pack before using the decoration in the other environment. This is mandatory for using Storm decorations in any TrackMania environment and vice versa.


Includes modified Canyon bases inside Stadium, which are "cut" to fit


There are some issues with certain environments, which couldn't be solved yet.

  • Canyon blocks placed outside the regular build area of the decoration will have no lighting. It makes only quarter of the base actually usable
  • Valley 32 base doesn't render warp in current ManiaPlanet build.
  • Lagoon ground level is 1 block higher than all other environments. Canyon is 1 block higher in Stadium.
  • Canyon block size is 64 x 16 x 64 m, leaving gaps when using Canyon decoration with other environments. Canyon will clip into every environment decoration (except itself).
  • Storm block size is 8 x 2 x 8 m, leaving gaps when using Storm decoration with other environments. All environments (except itself) clip into Storm decorations.
  • Valley's water color rendering method causes Storm and Lagoon decorations water to appear in a stripey pattern.