Old Legacy Plugins

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Created 2 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

These plugins are from the old website that did not survive the website migration in February 2022.

Note that there is no guarantee that any of these will work. In fact, some of them are very likely to not work at all anymore.

I don't recommend installing them. They mostly exist here as a historical artefact to learn from or to port them to the new system.

These plugins were made by their respective authors:

  • Camera Patch (by Miss)
  • Free Editor Camera (by MosKi-TM)
  • Camera Angle Unlocker (by MosKi-TM)
  • More Precise Ghost Mode (by MosKi-TM)
  • Written Gear (by MosKi-TM)
  • [MM] Custom Tool Step (by MosKi-TM)
  • Movable Blocks (by donadigo)
  • Clumsy's Webradio Addon (by derfuhr)
  • Item Rotation Precision increaser (by MosKi-TM)
  • Per-environment Graphics Settings (by domino54)
  • Twitch Controls (by MosKi-TM)
  • Manialink List (by MosKi-TM)
  • Full Camera Unlocker (by MosKi-TM)
  • Custom Ingame Camera (by MosKi-TM)
  • Plugin Embedder (by MosKi-TM)
  • Cursor Edges Camera Move Patch (by MosKi-TM)
  • Customizable GhostMode (by MosKi-TM)
  • Fast music (by Miss)
  • Block Statistics (by dassschaf)
  • Automatic Volume Changer on Void map (by MosKi-TM)
  • UI Speed O Meter (by MosKi-TM)
  • Decoration Unlocker (Updated) (by MosKi-TM)
  • Vehicle Selector Unlocker (by MosKi-TM)
  • Manialink Injector Library (by MosKi-TM)
  • Gauge and Medal Extension (by frozentire)
  • Pad Viewer (by MosKi-TM)
  • Small RPM Widget (by dassschaf)
  • Speed tracker km/h (by nefuso)
  • Spectate picker (by Monkeypac)
  • Chat Controller (by Phlarx)
  • Blocks Location Retriever (by MosKi-TM)
  • Shootmania dashboard (by Miltant)
  • Openplanet-Plugin-Libs (by haseeb-heaven)