Important API changes in 1.24.0

Posted by Miss 2 years ago


First of all, the previously noted Resource API deprecation has been added with this version and is something to pay attention to. That particular change has a compatibility layer though, so older plugins can continue functioning as usual. The documentation has been updated for this deprecated API, see for example UI::LoadFont or nvg::LoadFont.

Secondly, there was (yet another) change to how Openplanet binds to the game's enum types. There were a lot of unnecessarily long and confusing enum names that have now been simplified. This makes your code cleaner, and also reduces a fair amount of type duplication across the engine, saving on memory usage. Due to some technical reasons behind the relatively complex nature of this change, it's not possible to provide a compatibility layer for this.

For example, the following enum value:


Will be, as of 1.24.0:


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