Important API changes in 1.24.0

Posted by Miss 11 months ago


First of all, the previously noted Resource API deprecation has been added with this version and is something to pay attention to. That particular change has a compatibility layer though, so older plugins can continue functioning as usual. The documentation has been updated for this deprecated API, see for example UI::LoadFont or nvg::LoadFont.

Secondly, there was (yet another) change to how Openplanet binds to the game's enum types. There were a lot of unnecessarily long and confusing enum names that have now been simplified. This makes your code cleaner, and also reduces a fair amount of type duplication across the engine, saving on memory usage. Due to some technical reasons behind the relatively complex nature of this change, it's not possible to provide a compatibility layer for this.

For example, the following enum value:


Will be, as of 1.24.0:


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