Welcome to Openplanet.dev!

Posted by Miss 2 years ago


The new Openplanet website is now live! We have a brand new domain name: openplanet.dev.

Previously we had openplanet.nl, which has always been quite an old domain. The Netherlands TLD didn't really make much sense anymore, so it was time to move on to the next logical TLD.

The website has been made entirely from scratch! There's a new advanced plugin system with multiple versions, screenshots, and higher quality images. Plugins are now reviewed on the website itself instead of the plugin signing Github repository. This makes it much easier for us to review changes and sign plugins much faster. The documentation has been massively improved to be more readable, more complete, and easier for us to iterate on. (Let us know if we can improve anything!)

We hope you enjoy using the new website!

Ps: We have an updated privacy policy as well.

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