Openplanet and the Club Edition

On Trackmania, Openplanet will work on all editions, but you will have a limited feature set unless you have the Club Edition. This is a necessary requirement from Nadeo.

There are several reasons for this, but the main reason is the potential for piracy, where you could potentially access Standard or Club features on the Starter (or Standard) editions of the game.

It's not likely Nadeo will change this policy in the near future.


On the Starter and Standard edition, the following limitations apply:

Get your plugin signed

To get your plugin signed, simply submit the plugin to the website. When uploading your plugin version, select that you want it to be signed. If you don't have a Github account or you don't want to upload your plugin to the website, but still need to sign a plugin, send @miss or someone else on the team a message on Discord.

Get the game

The Starter edition is free, and the Standard and Club editions are paid. You can get the game from both Uplay and Epic Games Store.

From Uplay

From Epic Games Store

This will still use Uplay to start the game.

China players

Unfortunately, Openplanet is not guaranteed to work (and is fully unsupported) on the Chinese version of Trackmania, due to heavy regulation of in-game user content by the Chinese government.

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