Ultimate Medals

A plugin by Phlarx

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1 day ago

Download 1.11.0

Requires at least Openplanet 1.25.9

  • Ability to limit max width of window caused by long map names (#31 by codecat}
  • Option to hide when OP overlay is hidden (#33)
  • MP4: Fix for hang when refreshing medals while switching maps (#29)


6 months ago

Download 1.10.3

Requires at least Openplanet 1.25.9

  • Re-signed for RCADIA


7 months ago

Download 1.10.2

Requires at least Openplanet 1.25.0

  • Fix rounding error for Turbo's super medals (#26 and thousandths/#8)
  • Minor updates for Openplanet 1.25.0


9 months ago

Download 1.10.1

Requires at least Openplanet 1.24.0

  • Update font API usage for Openplanet version 1.24.0


11 months ago

Download 1.10
  • MP4: Load session best when autosaved replay not available
  • MP4: Fix stutter when refreshing PB from autosaves (report)


11 months ago

Download 1.9.2


12 months ago

Download 1.9.1
  • Toggling medal visibility no longer requires a map change to take effect


1 year ago

Download 1.9
  • TM2020: Fix PB retrieval for Spring 2022 game update
  • A few small backend updates


  • Turbo: Fixed bug preventing plugin load


  • Added toggle for the medals icons and ability to customize medal name text (PR#3 by ThaumicTom)
  • Restricted font face and size customization to only update on plugin start (due to memory issues described here)


  • Added font face and size customization
  • Minor backend improvements


  • MP4: Fix error when joining a local server (report)
  • MP4: Fix missing PB when online (report) Note: requires the game to auto-save PB replays.


  • All games: Added a delta column, which shows the time difference between the PB and the medals (PR#1 by Miss)
    Time deltas
  • Turbo: Changed to the newer file source API for loading STMs


  • Updated window input-capturing logic in preparation for the upcoming OpenPlanet API changes.
  • No longer blocks game input when mouse hovers the medals window while overlay is hidden.


  • All games: Added the ability to lock the window's position. Useful if your game screen adjusts resolution when using alt+enter, for example.
  • TM2020 and MP4: Added the ability to hide the plugin with the game interface. Option available, but nonfunctional, in Turbo.


  • All games: Added the option to display the map name and author name, as well as the map comment on hover.
  • Note: This may reset some display settings, as the settings dialog has been slightly rearranged.


  • Turbo: Fixed turbo STMs (for real this time) (hopefully). Instead of loading from the game, now loads from the xml packaged within the plugin instead. Patch note message partially written by mdf.


  • Turbo: Fixed the STM .xx0 issue. Instead of loading from the game, now ships with the correct xml packaged within the plugin instead. Oops.


  • All games: Enable and disable all lines in the settings. Want only PB, or just the Author time? You can do that!
  • Turbo: Now loads the 'real' STMs, no more .xx0 issues Nope, still busted.
  • Turbo: Added the super gold/silver/bronze medals. Hidden by default, but toggle them on in the settings Turbo medals


  • Initial release


1 year ago

Download 1.8.1