Downloads for Trackmania

Note: The Club Edition of Trackmania is required to use the full feature set of Openplanet. Click here to read why.

Openplanet 1.25.21

1 month ago

Download 1.25.21
  • Added support for the December 14 Trackmania update
  • Added new Auth API which allows plugins with external servers to verify players securely and privately without leaking sensitive information
  • Added support for a new system Nadeo is using for proc calls (about 12% of all procs were using this new system already, so lots of procs that did nothing before might do something now!)
  • Added exception count button to menu, which will display when there are any exceptions thrown that might require a user's attention
  • Added Crypto::Random and Crypto::RandomBase64 functions to generate cryptographically secure random byte sequences
  • Added option to use URL-encoded base64 encoding/decoding in MemoryBuffer
  • Added UI::ProgressBar
  • Added Meta::SaveSettings
  • Added integer order attribute to SettingsTab
  • Renamed the "Scripts" menu to "Plugins" to make it more representative of what it is
  • Renamed the Hash namespace to Crypto to make it more fitting for the new APIs
  • Moved some hidden functions to the Fids namespace to make them documentable (Preload(), Extract(), etc.)
  • Small performance improvements when calling procs from scripts
  • Updated Angelscript
  • Updated base64 encoding & decoding routines with a more reliable one
  • Reset "last exception repeated" counter when (re)loading a plugin or when clicking on the exception count in the main menu to open the log
  • Fixed a crash in scene explorer
  • Fixed a lot of missing actions in Nod Explorer
  • Fixed fetching invalid handles from nod pools
  • Fixed category separator displaying in plugins menu when there were no items
  • Fixed some problems with error checking for invalid script entity metadata
  • Fixed network capture socket connect event not showing proper hostname
  • Fixed unnecessary assertion failure with virtual sets, now using fallback param set

We also started laying the foundation for the upcoming "learning" mode. This is not ready yet, so it is currently disabled in public builds. More info on this later!

Openplanet 1.25.15

4 months ago

Download 1.25.15
  • Fixed game throwing a Maniascript error when intercepted procs were being blocked (this was a problem with Ghost Scrubber, for example)
  • Fixed multiline strings not (de)serializing correctly
  • Fixed Plugin Manager not being able to update plugins when they were disabled through app config
  • Added Meta::UnloadedPlugins

Openplanet 1.25.12

4 months ago

Download 1.25.12
  • Added support for the September 28 update
  • Added updated plugin signature format
  • Added more informative in-game Openplanet update notification
  • Added missing math vector functions
  • Added profiler timing for ProcIntercept
  • Updated Angelscript
  • Cleaned up some logging
  • Fixed crash when displaying a nod of a class that has IdName redefined as a different type (for example, CPlugGameSkinAndFolder)
  • Fixed clearing json value when assigning itself to itself

Openplanet 1.25.9

4 months ago

Download 1.25.9
  • Added support for int64 and uint64 settings
  • Added signature modes to app config
  • Fixed plugins getting re-enabled after plugin compilation failure
  • Fixed Time::ParseFromRelativeTime not including milliseconds
  • Fixed version check for compatibility-disabled plugins not disabling older plugin versions
  • Fixed crash that could happen when using certain API's in an intercepted proc
  • Increase app config timeout to 2 seconds (because Australia exists)

Openplanet 1.25.6

5 months ago

Download 1.25.6
  • Fixed some older plugins not having valid signatures anymore
  • Added a number of missing functions to the UI API
  • Improved documentation