Downloads for Trackmania

Note: The Club Edition of Trackmania is required to use the full feature set of Openplanet. Click here to read why.

Branches: default beta edge

1.26.25 for Trackmania

default 2 months ago

  • Added "Tabs" menu to Nod Explorer
  • Added the ability to open new tabs in Nod Explorer when middle-clicking nods
  • Added stack trace on deprecation warnings in
  • Added VehicleState::GetVehicleType and VehicleState::GetCruiseDisplaySpeed (thanks ezio416!)
  • Fixed not resetting context suspension (unexpected yield() behavior after a sleep(n))
  • Fixed missing italics formatting in Text::OpenplanetFormatCodes
  • Fixed performance of json (de)serialization
  • Fixed performance of string allocations when there is a large amount of data involved
  • Fixed crash when trying to add null to a json array

1.26.23 for Trackmania

default 2 months ago

  • Game version data for 2024-04-30
  • Refactored Net::Socket:
    • Added documentation
    • Added IsHungUp()
    • Added ReadBuffer(n)
    • Added WriteLine(str)
    • Added ReadString() to complement Write(v) with string
    • Fixed double capture in Write(v) with string
    • Deprecated CanRead() and CanWrite() in favor of Available() and IsReady()
    • Increased default send and receive buffer size
  • Moved global functions StripFormatCodes, StripNonColorFormatCodes, and ColoredString to the Text namespace, and renamed ColoredString to OpenplanetFormatCodes
  • Added Text::StripOpenplanetFormatCodes
  • Added yield(n) overload to yield for a specific number of frames
  • Added Text::EncodeHex(), Text::DecodeHex(), MemoryBuffer::WriteFromHex(), MemoryBuffer::ReadToHex()
  • Added more accurate formatting codes in UI - also switches \$tXX to \$jXX
  • Added support for italics formatting using \\$i
  • Added warning about low script timeout values
  • Added option to start Openplanet with the currently selected competition profile
  • Added a settings save trigger when a plugin is toggled on or off
  • Added documentation flags for deprecated and internal entities
  • Added WINE preprocessor flag (WINDOWS_WINE)
  • Numbers in Json::Value are now kept in memory as strings and only parsed to the desired type on demand - this allows for accurate number parsing regardless of type
  • Script hooks are now plugin resources and will automatically unhook when leaked
  • Fixed missing cursor advance on MemoryBuffer::ReadBuffer
  • Fixed IO::Move not blocking until it has fully completed
  • Fixed Ctrl+R and Ctrl+Shift+R not being disabled when UI wants to capture input
  • Fixed shift & ctrl getting stuck in shortcuts when window loses focus
  • Fixed keeping a lock on folders when building plugins
  • Fixed missing execution context on plugin unload
  • Fixed + in DEPENDENCY_* preprocessor flags (they are now replaced with _)
  • Fixed "Remove from scene" in scene explorer causing an ImGui assertion
  • Removed deprecated CSystemFidFile functions Preload, Extract, and GetFullPath (they have moved to the Fids namespace)
  • Updated ImGui
    • Added UI::Separator with flags and UI::SeparatorText
    • Added UI::InputTextFlags::EscapeClearsAll
    • Updated UI::TreeNodeFlags
    • Updated UI::BeginChild to include a parameter for UI::ChildFlags
  • Updated Angelscript

1.26.19 for Trackmania

default 3 months ago

  • Fixed warnings of external references on shutdown

1.26.17 for Trackmania

default 4 months ago

  • Added support for int2, int3, nat2, nat3, and quat as settings
  • Added basic testing functionality for plugins (very WIP; this will be expanded upon and better documented in the future)
  • Added Audio::Voice::SetPosition
  • Added support for ogg files in the Audio API
  • Added Text::TryParse* function variations
  • Added optional base parameter to Text::Parse*
  • Added support for signed numbers in Time::Format
  • Added MemoryBuffer::GetPosition
  • Fail plugin build when there are exceptions in global variable initialization
  • Updated Angelscript
  • Fixed unexpected characters returning unexpected values in Text::ParseHexColor
  • Fixed GetApp() returning null instead of throwing an exception during global variable initialization
  • Fixed inconsistent error messages for invalid settings tabs
  • Fixed unusable member documentations appearing in json dump
  • Fixed opIndex on vector types missing an index parameter

1.26.16 for Trackmania

default 5 months ago

Note: This is a hotfix for the update we released with the Rally update to fix some errors and unexpected script behavior.

  • Added game version data for 2024-02-26 (faster startup time)
  • Added file search to Pack Explorer
  • Added several missing UI style variables: DisabledAlpha, TabBarBorderSize, SeparatorTextBorderSize, DockingSeparatorSize, SeparatorTextAlign, SeparatorTextPadding
  • Added Meta::Plugin::SignatureLevel
  • Added Audio::LoadSampleFromAbsolutePath for more efficient sample loading from absolute paths (like plugin storage folder)
  • Added consistent formatting for script sanity check errors
  • Added warning for exported dependencies if they are already a dependency of the current build
  • Added better errors when unable to open zip files
  • Fixed "Create a new map" not using the correct bases
  • Fixed missing settings save when closing settings dialog through menu
  • Fixed allocating too much memory when loading longer audio files, which could eventually cause the game to crash and/or freeze for a long time
  • Fixed missing script exception when unable to find audio source
  • Fixed being able to play streamed samples from more than 1 voice
  • Fixed crash when removing non-handle objects from game buffers in scripts
  • Fixed crash when parsing metadata with extraneous whitespace or newlines
  • Fixed wstring::SubStr differing in behavior when not providing length parameter
  • Fixed missing const on iso classes
  • Removed jit compilation as it was already unstable and incompatible with modern Angelscript
  • Updated miniaudio to v0.11.21
  • Updated Angelscript