Downloads for Trackmania

Note: The Club Edition of Trackmania is required to use the full feature set of Openplanet. Click here to read why.

Openplanet 1.24.0

14 days ago

Download 1.24.0
  • Added nvg::Texture and nvg::TexturePattern
  • Added vec2 variations for NanoVG API functions
  • Added OpenExplorerPath API
  • Added Net::Socket::Write with MemoryBuffer
  • Added word wrapping to settings descriptions
  • Added GUI Metrics and GUI Demo options to developer menu
  • Deprecated the Resources namespace in favor of loading functions in their respective namespaces (UI, nvg, Audio), to clean up the API, speed up font loading, and a reduced memory footprint
  • Deprecated old nvg::TextBounds variations (removed x and y parameters)
  • Game enums are now registered with their proper scopes (this might break some older plugins, sorry! Please ask authors of broken plugins for updates.)
  • Simplify IO::File API a little bit to allow for passing filename in Open()
  • Remove OnKeyInput deprecation compatibility, throw errors instead
  • Fixed missing render guards on main menu render callback
  • Fixed losing settings after a plugin fails to compile
  • Throw exception when empty delimiter is passed to string split
  • Updated game version data (faster game startup)

Openplanet 1.23.5

2 months ago

Download 1.23.5
  • Game version data for 2022-05-02 (faster game startup)
  • Several minor fixes and cleanups
  • Added some missing API's that were supposed to be in 1.23.3, but missed the cut

Openplanet 1.23.3

2 months ago

Download 1.23.3
  • Fixed game support for the latest update
  • Added support for Windows Unicode paths
  • Added UI::SetNextItemOpen
  • Added option to mark a plugin as "essential", meaning it cannot be manually disabled
  • Changed return type of OnKeyPress, OnMouseButton, OnMouseWheel callbacks
  • Updated third party zip library
  • The installer now closes Trackmania if it's still open
  • Fixed loading wrong value for unsigned integer settings
  • Fixed blocking plugin inputs when a plugin blocks game input
  • Fixed using the wrong directory for user path includes and imports
  • Fixed being able to accidentally disable some plugins: NadeoServices, VehicleState, PluginManager

Openplanet 1.23.0

3 months ago

Download 1.23.0
  • Added game version data for 2022-04-01 (faster startup)
  • Added log warning when there's a missing site ID in a zipped plugin
  • Added opacity setting for log window
  • Fixed mouse cursor not properly being set when resizing game window
  • Fixed missing version number in log when loading zipped plugins
  • Fixed IO::SetClipboard not working properly with unicode characters

Openplanet 1.22.9

3 months ago

Download 1.22.9
  • Added support for the 2022-03-31 game update