default 11 months ago

  • Added opEquals for vectors
  • Added Text::EncodeBase64 and Text::DecodeBase64
  • Added Net::HttpRequest::Json()
  • Added Openplanet-Old.log for the previous session log file
  • Added export_dependencies to plugin info file which is useful for nested dependencies (eg. A depends on B depends on C, where B's exports contains types from C)
  • Added the ability to use the core API audience in the NadeoServices dependency
  • Added the ability to display descriptions for screenshots in the Plugin Manager (thanks MisfitMaid)
  • Added the ability to display screenshots at arbitrary aspect ratios in the Plugin Manager (thanks MisfitMaid)
  • Updated Angelscript (potential performance improvements)
  • Fixed crash when loading fids
  • Fixed crash when using Reflection::GetType* functions with non-existing class name or type ID
  • Fixed divide by zero error when resizing the plugin manager to very small sizes (thanks skybaks)