default 3 months ago

  • Added game version data for 2024-02-26 (faster startup time)
  • Added file search to Pack Explorer
  • Added several missing UI style variables: DisabledAlpha, TabBarBorderSize, SeparatorTextBorderSize, DockingSeparatorSize, SeparatorTextAlign, SeparatorTextPadding
  • Added Meta::Plugin::SignatureLevel
  • Added Audio::LoadSampleFromAbsolutePath for more efficient sample loading from absolute paths (like plugin storage folder)
  • Added consistent formatting for script sanity check errors
  • Added warning for exported dependencies if they are already a dependency of the current build
  • Fixed missing settings save when closing settings dialog through menu
  • Fixed allocating too much memory when loading longer audio files, which could eventually cause the game to crash and/or freeze for a long time
  • Fixed missing script exception when unable to find audio source
  • Fixed being able to play streamed samples from more than 1 voice
  • Fixed crash when removing non-handle objects from game buffers in scripts
  • Fixed crash when parsing metadata with extraneous whitespace or newlines
  • Fixed wstring::SubStr differing in behavior when not providing length parameter
  • Fixed missing const on iso classes
  • Updated miniaudio to v0.11.21
  • Updated Angelscript