Allowing visual SD helpers

Posted by Miss 2 years ago


Starting later this week, we are reversing our current policy stance on visual speed-drift and ice-slide indicator plugins. These plugins will be allowed on the plugin manager for any edition of the game.


We are delaying this change for now until further notice. Player feedback (largely from the FS community) has made it clear that there is some more work to be done before we can allow these kinds of plugins on the website and plugin manager.

The original announcement is below.

This policy was initially set a little over 6 months ago, and a lot has changed since. Openplanet now has "signature modes" and a more flexible permission system for competitions (such as TMGL).

The main reason for this rule was because competitions did not want to allow it, and there was little way of enforcing that. Since then, we've supported multiple competitions (TMGL and RCADIA) with custom signature modes. Competitions can enforce specific signature modes through Maniascript. Organizers may contact us for specific custom signature sets, although we recommend using the existing signature modes when possible.

Visual helper plugins improve accessibility and make it easier to learn a specific style in the game. This has been made more clear with people making these kinds of plugins and experimenting with what is possible.

A recent video by Magpie Labs received a lot of positive comments on the visual side of his plugin. Note that we'll ONLY allow visual helpers. Anything more than that is considered a cheat by Nadeo.

We've discussed this policy with Nadeo in detail in the past, and they have confirmed they don't see an issue with these kinds of visual helpers. (Nadeo may continue to monitor the situation closely, please try to remain respectful when discussing this topic. Feedback can also be given to Nadeo at

We know that this might be a sensitive subject for some, so we are open for any and all feedback. Please let us know if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns.

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