Support for the September 2022 game update

Posted by Miss 2 years ago


Openplanet 1.25.4 is out now for the latest game update! You can find the full changelog here.

Signature modes

You can now load the game with only a specific set of plugins, which is very useful for competition servers to restrict your plugin set. Pick one:

  • Developer: All signed and unsigned plugins. This was previously known as Developer Mode.
  • Regular: All signed plugins. This is the default behavior as of 1.24.0.
  • Competition: All TMGL-approved plugins. Previously, this was sometimes referred to as a private "competition build" for TMGL players, but this is now built-in to the regular build of Openplanet, and all competitions are good to enforce this!
  • Official: Only official plugins that ship with Openplanet. This is probably only useful for testing purposes.

You can still automatically enable developer mode in the Openplanet settings dialog.

Performance improvements

There were a lot of internal game changes that improve the game performance in general, and Openplanet can benefit from that as well! Additionally, we've spent a lot of time on improving Openplanet's performance by updating API's based on how the most popular plugins were using them.

As an experiment, there is now also a JIT compiler. This is very experimental and in some cases unstable, so it is disabled by default. You can enable it in the settings if you're curious about pulling a little more performance out of Openplanet plugins however.

You can also check out the brand new profiler features in Developer -> Debugger.

Developer stuff

There are a lot of new APIs, such as SQLite, a ton of UI additions and improvements, some Json improvements, and much more.

You might also see some new warnings in your log indicating where you can possibly improve your plugin code and make your plugin run better.

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