Auto-cancel Downloads

A plugin by XertroV(Trusted developer)

Auto-cancel Downloads
Downloads 615
Updated 2 months ago
Released 12 months ago
Created 12 months ago
Numeric ID 290
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania

Auto-cancel Downloads

This plugin detects downloads and automatically presses 'cancel' then 'ok' for you.

By default it will only do this for car skins, which allows map mods to load.

If you uncheck 'Only auto-cancel car skin downloads?' in settings then all downloads will be auto-cancelled (including the editors 'Updating...' thing).

License: Public Domain

Authors: XertroV

Suggestions/feedback: @XertroV on Openplanet discord




0.1.6 - 2 months ago

  • Fix bug with canceling bindings dialogs

0.1.5 - 3 months ago

  • Fix cancelling too many things

0.1.4 - 3 months ago

  • Add auto-acknowledging 'Unable to download' prompts
  • Add auto-cancel all downloads after acknowledging such a prompt to skip the rest (which will probably fail, too)

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