Autosave Replays for MediaTracker

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Autosave Replays for MediaTracker
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Game Trackmania

Autosave Replays for MediaTracker

These replays cannot be used via Play > Local > Against Replay. They are only suitable for cases like Create > Replay Editor or the map editor.

This plugin autosaves replays at suitable times, e.g., the end of a Time Attack session, or after each round in a KO match. Thus, it's possible to save a viewable replay of each round of a COTD KO match if you want, for example.

They are the same replays that are produced via the 'Save Replay' button (but the prompt doesn't show).

If you want decent quality replays of all players, have opponents on or be in spectator mode. Otherwise YMMV.

The replays that are produced (saved in Trackmania\Replays\AutosavedReplays) can be used in the replay editor, and can be used as GPSs, etc.

You will experience a stutter when autosave is turned on. Expect a typically small stutter (50 - 250 ms) for few players and/or short sessions, and a bigger stutter (1000 - 2000 ms) for more players and particularly for longer sessions. For COTD qualifiers the stutter can be 1 to 2 seconds. Early COTD KO rounds have a stutter ~100ms.

Demo video loading saved replays in replay editor:

Replays are saved when the UISequence is Podium, EndRound, or UIInteraction. In KO rounds, UIInteraction happens at the end of each round, and the 'save replay' will save just that last race. In Ranked, EndRound happens at the end of each race. In Time Attack sessions, Podium happens at the end, and UIInteraction usually doesn't happens. (The plugin won't save an extra replay when one follows the other, in any case.)

Note: there will be a noticeable lag spike at the end of long sessions with many players. Many megabytes of replay data may be saved per session. If you run into problems, you might need to increase the plugin timeout in Settings > Script Engine > Script execution timeout.

License: Public Domain

Authors: XertroV

Suggestions/feedback: @XertroV on Openplanet discord




0.1.2 - 8 months ago

Disable during solo mode -- use autosave ghosts or replay recorder instead. This fixes a bug where it would say it saved a replay when it didn't.

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