Better Camera Bindings

A plugin by Hydrophob

Better Camera Bindings
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Updated 2 months ago
Released 2 months ago
Created 2 months ago
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Min. Openplanet 1.26.4
Game Trackmania

Better Camera Bindings

This plugin allows you to create custom bindings for cam1, cam2, cam3 and backwards cam.


  • Create bindings that only use normal or alt camera.
  • Bind to your L2/R2 "buttons"
  • Bind to a stick direction
  • Reversed nadeo default camera behaviour (if you switch from a different camera it starts in alt camera mode)
  • Bindings can be triggered when pressing, releasing OR holding the button.

Don't forget to unbind the buttons you want to use in the nadeo settings.

For feedback / suggestions / issues write an issue on github or dm me @hydrophob on discord / twitch. Since I was only able to test the plugin with Keyboard, XBox One Controller and PS4 Controller, it would be goot to know if there are issues with other devices.

Known Issue: If you switch into cam7 you can't switch back with these bindings. You have to use a nadeo camera binding to get out of cam7.


0.7.0 - 2 months ago

  • Keyboards are now supported
  • Bindings can now be triggered when pressing, releasing or holding the button
  • some GUI changes

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