TTG | Tic Tac GO!

A plugin by XertroV(Trusted developer)

TTG | Tic Tac GO!
Downloads 1,137
Updated 10 months ago
Released 12 months ago
Created 12 months ago
Numeric ID 285
Min. Openplanet 1.25.21
Game Trackmania

Tic Tac GO! (TTG) is a multiplayer game for 2 teams (up to 64 players total). Two team capitans make tic-tac-toe moves using modified rules (including stealing quares) -- their team must win the map (finish first) to claim the map. Games are played on a 3x3 grid of random maps, or maps from a map pack.

Server play is supported (since everyone plays the same map at the same time).


  • Standard: a 1v1 game of TTG
  • Teams: up to 64 players on 2 teams, scored like matchmaking.
  • Battle Mode: up to 64 players on 2 teams, first time to X finshes wins.
  • Single player: demo/testing mode, basically (still works on a server).

License: Public Domain

Authors: XertroV

Suggestions/feedback: @XertroV on Openplanet discord




0.2.3 - 10 months ago

  • Fix compile error on non-edge versions of openplanet.
  • Auto-expand compact UI on game end.

0.2.1 - 10 months ago

TTG Changes

  • Completely refactor the challenge loop (loading map, measuring time, voting on servers, etc).
  • Add team colors to TTG board.
  • Use textures instead of fonts for o/x symbols.
  • Change winning squares indicator to a line instead of coloring squares.
  • Any unrevealed maps are now revealed when the game ends.
  • Records made visible when you finish a map. Chrono made visible when round over.
  • Move TTG to the 'Game' category in the Plugins menu.
  • Clear temporarily cached maps on plugin load (so it clears maps cached during the last session). Maps are pre-cached to improve load times (esp. on servers).
  • (Dev) Remove CGF debug client menu entry.
  • Remove menu page management (bug now fixed by Nadeo).
  • Add large/small game UI modes.
  • Will no longer exit and rejoin a server if already in the right one.


  • Add font choices: Normal, Droid Sans, and Droid Sans Smaller.
  • Add option for changing the game window background opacity.


  • Fix server-mode voting (it works now).
  • Fix bug where time would erroneously be added for some players in local mode.
  • Fix crash starting a map in local mode (this affected v0.1.60, but only started appearing after the mid-Jan update).

0.1.60 - 10 months ago

Remove useless fonts (saves ~3s load time)

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