Duck Medals

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Duck Medals
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Updated 20 days ago
Released 11 months ago
Created 11 months ago
Numeric ID 436
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Maniaplanet 4
Game Trackmania Turbo
Example of what the solo screen looks like with all medals achieved.
Example of the ghost selector screen if the medal is achieved.
Example of what the solo screen looks like with all medals achieved in Turbo.
Example of the ghost selector screen if the medal is achieved in Turbo.

With the completion of the 'Riolu Duck' in maniaplanet by the community, this plugin adds an extra medal for players to show or achieve. The medal is achieved by beating riolu's PB for that map. Even by top players standards from each environment, these times are challenging to beat and obtaining all for a single enviroment is very a prestigious achievement. Special thanks goes to ydooWoody for creating the medal and community members such as Loupphok, Speed and Yogosun for providing the riolu times needed!

How it works

The plugin works within all four of the official main Canyon, Valley, Lagoon and Stadium titlepacks. When driving an official campaign track in solo mode, versus replay or in single map, the medals will be displayed if achieved. Its important to note this plugin only supports official campaigns, non-Nadeo campaigns will not have medals regardless if riolu drove a time there or not.

Future plans

Maybe in the future there will be more players to choose from such as Thoringer as that seems to be the next goal by the community; the next boss after riolu in mainly Lagoon.


If there are any issues or potential improvements, contact me on discord: mebe12


1.5.1 - 20 days ago

  • Added export function to get duck time on map
  • Changed time export format to csv instead of txt

1.5.0 - 7 months ago

  • Added splits to the stat viewer instead of just a tick or cross
  • Maps are now sorted into their environment for turbo like in Maniaplanet
  • Added ability to write all PBs and splits to a file to keep a history of times
  • Fixed incorrect duck time on 115
  • Fixed bug in turbo with every 40th map the medals changing to the next envi when hovering
  • Fixed issue on 129 where duck time and medals were not showing on the main menu in-game

1.4.0 - 8 months ago

New Medals Update!!

Due to many requests, this update includes 3 new medals for you to achieve. Due to the difficulty of the duck medals, these 3 medals are easier than duck but harder than author time. The new medals can be a great hunt for players who struggle to achieve duck and still want a challenge. These new medals can be compared to the Super Medals from TMTurbo. These medals are calculated by a formula designed with help from people within the community to be as consistent across the different maps as possible. Note the new medals are only available for Maniaplanet.

With this comes 3 new medal images. While designing the update, there were 2 different versions created. You can use the original medal image by enabling it in the settings.

If you guys want the formula for the medals, it is: Duck + Scalar x ((Duck/1000)/100)^0.35. The scalar is Super Gold - 0.005, Super Silver - 0.011, and Super Bronze - 0.018 with this formula.

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