Editor Helpers

A plugin by skybaks

Downloads 7,583
Updated 29 days ago
Released 2 years ago
Created 2 years ago
Numeric ID 69
Game Trackmania
Game ManiaPlanet 4

This plugin extends the capabilities of the Trackmania map editor by providing a user interface to some currently unexposed APIs. Over time the number of features and functions in the plugin has grown to be quite numerous, and is constantly expanding as new ideas are proposed. Some notable features include:

  • Persistant Show/Hide Block Helpers
  • Exact rotation angle control of Items and Freeblocks
  • Manipulation of any Item's placement grid or pivot point without the need to resave
  • Additional hotkeys, such as "A" to toggle Air Block Mode
  • Quicksave button, to resave a map in one click (no dialogs!)


This plugin is open sourced on github. Write up a github issue or open a pull request if you have a proposal for a feature to add.



5.5 - 29 days ago

  • Add hotkey to flip item/freeblock 180 deg. Defaulted off, needs to be enabled in settings. Default key is .
  • Fix issue with changing openplanet API in MP4
  • From Rxelux - Add Freeblock Precise Translation function which allows you to set a numeric placement offset while in freeblock mode

5.4 - 2 months ago

  • Add FIXED_STEP option to rotation randomizer. This mode increments on the selected axis's after each block/item placement.
  • From Greep (thanks!) - Add Mood Changer function which allows you to set your map's time of day down to the second
  • From Greep (thanks!) - Add Camera Modes function which lets you switch between orbital and free cam in the editor
  • Add Locator Check function. This scans your map file header and checks that all embedded media has a url linked to it (excluding game resources).

5.3 - 3 months ago

  • Add new feature - Rotation Randomizer. Turning this on will cause your block/item cursor to be rotated randomly on the selected axis's after each placement. (Thanks to Raveout for the idea)

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