Editor Tangency Helper

A plugin by TheScientist14

Editor Tangency Helper
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Released 17 days ago
Created 18 days ago
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Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania
Vertical projection of all supported center line combinations.

Getting started

First things first, make sure the plugin is enabled in its settings.
It automatically disables itself when no editor is found, which is the case in menus.

In the editor, get yourself in place item mode, press the control key to switch to pick mode.
Hover a road item then release the control key.
An interface will appear. It will allow you to change the shape of the selected road.
2 points will also appear. Click on one of them to extend the road.

Mirror button is used to switch from right turn to left turn or vice versa (after one extension only).
End button unselect everything and will get you to normal editor state. UI and points disappear.

Removal and undos/redos are not supported. Please unselect everything before doing so if you really want to.

Technical details

Plugin developped to help with placement of custom road items that follows the naming convention: S_W1;W2_Y1;Y2_P1;P2_R1;R2 where S, W, Y, P & R are the surface name, width, yaw, pitch & roll of the road.

The items must follow some rules:

  • Center line must fit within a standard road block (32x32 wide block). No height limit.
  • Central pivot
  • Only straight lines or right turns.

This convention has been thought with the idea of extruding a defined profile along a center line.

The center line is defined with Y1, Y2, P1 & P2.

  1. The starting point is on the plane z=(PivotPos.z-16).
  2. The ending point is either on the plane z=(PivotPos.z+16) or x=(PivotPos.x-16).

Roll is always around the center line.

Supported values for:

  • S: Dirt, Tech
  • W1 & W2: 16, 32
  • Y1: 0, 30, 45, 60
  • Y2: 0, 30, 45, 60, 90
  • P1 & P2: -30, -15, 0, 15, 30 with |P2-P1| <= 30
  • R1 & R2: -30, -15, 0, 15, 30 with |R2-R1| <= 15

W are in world units.
Y & P are human readable angle approximations in degrees. In fact, these really correspond to offsets on some axis depending on the context.
R are real angle in degrees. Positive means titled to the right (clockwise) in the direction of the center line.

The custom road item set will be released in the future.

If you want to build your own road item set, feel free to reach me (discord: thescientist14).
The naming convention is a little bit tricky and I did not explain everything here.