Editor UI Toolbox

A plugin by XertroV(Trusted developer)

Editor UI Toolbox
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Updated 4 months ago
Released 1 year ago
Created 1 year ago
Numeric ID 275
Min. Openplanet 1.25.40
Game Trackmania

Rescale Editor UI

Read the intro in settings!

Trackmania 2020 Editor UI Rescaling + other utilities, particularly WRT the inventory (block/item selection folders at the bottom of the editor screen -- the stuff that takes up too much space).

In non-main editor UIs (like custom items, media tracker, etc) the UI should be untouched (please report it as a bug if not, or request it as a feature if you want that).


  • Rescale & Move Editor UI
  • More room to place blocks
  • Auto-hide inventory (works in fullscreen)
  • Hide map info (top right corner green box)
  • Show labels for blocks/folders in the inventory
  • Customize the 'Hover Indicator' (the hover thing is required for the UI scaling method to work)
  • Customize colors / appearance of elements
  • Some lighting stuff that may or may not help with lightmap stuff

Feature Demo Video (10 min)

License: Public Domain

Authors: XertroV

Suggestions/feedback: @XertroV on Openplanet discord

Code/issues: https://github.com/XertroV/tm-editor-ui-toolbox



0.1.8 - 4 months ago

  • Fix spamming the log in the simple editor

0.1.7 - 6 months ago

  • Improve logic showing/hiding inventory labels and friends to avoid overriding game default when setting is disabled.

0.1.6 - 7 months ago

  • Add option to disable all UI scaling (along with the buttons and borders)
  • Add option to lock the UI aspect ratio to the screen aspect ratio

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