Extra leaderboard positions

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Extra leaderboard positions
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Updated 15 days ago
Released 2 years ago
Created 2 years ago
Numeric ID 169
Min. Openplanet 1.26.25
Game Trackmania

Allows you to see the times of more key positions (1st, 10th, 100th, 1000th and 10000th place times by default, but it's customizable) as well as the hypothetical positions of any medals.

This can be used to see how far you are from getting a better trophy reward in a TOTD for example.

Since 2.0, the plugin can make use of an external API to be able to have more information (like medals even if your pb is better) quicker. You may enable this in the Settings, as it is off by default.

I have a few features planned for when I'll have more time to work on the plugin, but if you have any ideas for features, i'd be happy to hear them ! You can use the GitHub issues or the openplanet discord to contact me.

You can check the Github page and open an issue if you find any bugs : Github Repository


Changelog is now here


2.4.0 - 15 days ago

  • Added support for the new Stunt mode (Feel free to report bugs in Discord/Github regarding this!)
  • Allowed users to have no custom position in the leaderboard (compared to needing at least one)
  • Chore : API change for the strip code OP function

2.3.3 - 6 months ago


  • Refactor/Upgrade of the early pb update : Now the default behavior, upgraded to correctly update (Huge thanks to zanaptak for their PR!!)
  • Added an option to show the PB as either white, green or grey, with green as the new default (Also thanks to zanaptak's PR)

2.3.2 - 11 months ago

  • Added a setting to update the PB early (i.e. when you have a new pb, show it in the leaderboard even if the whole leaderboard isn't refreshed yet)
  • Reverted the change allowing you to request specific positions between 10k and 100k, as this was an unintended change of the Nadeo API. (you can still see the accurate positions of your pb and medals if they are below 100k)
  • Updated the loading icon to look like a small gif

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