Grinding Stats

A plugin by Drek

Grinding Stats
Downloads 80,107
Updated 5 months ago
Released 2 years ago
Created 2 years ago
Numeric ID 158
Game Trackmania
Game ManiaPlanet 4
Game TrackMania Turbo

Shows stats that are useful for grinding a track


  • Total/Current time played on track

  • Total/Current resets on track

  • Total/Current finishes on track

  • Total/Current respawns on track

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Changelogs have been moved to here

  • fixed rendering mode not working properly


  • added support for Turbo
  • fixed the buttons that reset files


  • remade timing/saving function, it should work perfectly now


  • added support for Maniaplanet


  • added display mode selector

  • fixed timer pausing when enabled/disabled


  • added feature to hide the thousands place from the time

  • added feature to show/hide hour when it is 0

  • added respawns


2.0.13 - 5 months ago

  • fixed issue in recap where if a file failed to load, it would stop loading any more files (#23)
  • added custom recap (Thank you titisee5 #22)
  • added time last played to recap,

2.0.12 - 9 months ago

  • removed print statement that i left in

2.0.11 - 9 months ago

  • fixed bug where the timer would be paused when interface was hidden
  • internal changes with how data is stored, for future update
  • rewrote afk detection
  • changed pause detection in turbo to be more consistant

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