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Icon List
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Updated 2 years ago
Released 3 years ago
Created 3 years ago
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Game Trackmania
Game Maniaplanet 4

Provides a searchable and sortable list of all the icons provided in Icons.as.

To use these icons, simply reference the listed Identifier in your script. Since Openplanet version 1.22.0, it is no longer necessary to import Icons.as as a dependency.

See https://openplanet.dev/docs/reference/icons for additional information.

These icons are intended for use in Openplanet plugins, and may be recolored like normal text.

The fonts required to render these icons are provided by Openplanet. Therefore, they may not display correctly for some players if used for other purposes, such as map names or in chat, and should not be used for such.

For game-supported symbols, select from the list shown at https://openplanet.dev/symbols.

Note: This plugin is currently unsigned and requires developer mode.


3.0.1 - 2 years ago

  • Fix website version number


  • No longer depend on Icons.as for data, in preparation for Openplanet 1.22.0


  • Updated to modern plugin format
  • Update for new Openplanet icon data; suppresses display of deprecated icons


  • Updated to new Table API
  • Requires Openplanet 1.17.2 or newer


  • Performance improvements
  • Requires Openplanet 1.16.4 or newer


  • Initial release

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