A plugin by RuteNL

Downloads 15,518
Updated 9 months ago
Released 2 years ago
Created 2 years ago
Numeric ID 164
Min. Openplanet 1.24.0
Game Trackmania

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Access items and sets from ItemExchange in game, and import them into the editor without having to restart the game!


  • Search items and sets by name, author, or tag
  • Sort items by name, author, date, likes, score, or file size
  • View item and set details
  • Import items and sets straight into the editor

Source code & issues

Report issues and find the source code of this plugin on GitHub.


  • The "block" item type is not supported for import
  • Importing is not fully automated, the user is required to click twice


1.1.8 - 9 months ago

  • Change default setting for keeping folder structure of item sets when importing to true
  • Remove deprecated persmission and imports
  • Fix bug for large sets
  • Pass strings by reference when possible

1.1.7 - 1 year ago

  • Conform with changes in item exchange api

1.1.6 - 1 year ago

  • Add exported functions to allow other plugins to open item/set tabs

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