Medal Collection

A plugin by SilPho

Medal Collection
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Updated 22 days ago
Released 30 days ago
Created 1 month ago
Numeric ID 566
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania
A collage of screenshots showing the plugin set against in-game screenshots. A mix of horizontal and vertical plugin layouts can be seen, each with a different set of columns or statistics shown.

Are you a binger of bronze medals, securer of silver medals, gatherer of gold medals or hoarder of author medals? Now you can find out and show off.

After installing this plugin, it will check for every medal you've earned on every track you've ever played and display it proudly in a highly customisable medal window. Watch your collection grow in real-time or just let it run in the background.

Wondering which tracks you only managed to get bronze on? Click the button next to it and find out, with a quick link to play it straight away. This makes it really easy to find out which times you can improve on.

You can get the plugin to recheck all of your medals, but I only recommend doing this if you've played on other devices or had the plugin disabled for a while. This is because medals aren't always updated immediately, so your counts can seemingly go down if you recheck too soon after playing a map.

(Feedback and suggestions can be done via GitHub or Discord)


1.4 - 22 days ago

  • Added support for Stunt Mode (If you've played Stunt Mode already, use the re-check feature in the Plugins dropdown menu to update your counts)

1.3 - 24 days ago

  • Added cumulative percentages option
  • Renamed "Unfinished" to "Played"
  • Fixed bug with old medals failing to load (hopefully)

1.2 - 1 month ago

Fixed a performance issue

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