Medals Editor

A plugin by XertroV(Trusted developer)

Medals Editor
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Updated 6 months ago
Released 8 months ago
Created 8 months ago
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Game Trackmania

Medals Editor

Easily edit medal times in the advanced editor.

License: Public Domain

Authors: XertroV

Suggestions/feedback: @XertroV on Openplanet discord




0.1.5 - 6 months ago

  • Disable medal times input if the map is not validated

0.1.4 - 7 months ago

  • Hide window outside editor all together
  • Improve reset logic for locking times
  • Window is now collapsible
  • Default dimensions improved

0.1.2 - 8 months ago

  • Added 'lock times and validation status' checkbox (useful when making small changes late in production)
  • Added 'validate' button
  • Added some auto-update logic around setting invalid medal times (like bronze faster than silver). Slower medals get updated if faster medals' time is increased past the slower medals time.
  • Hide the window when in mediatracker or validation mode.

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