Medals In Menu

A plugin by druduche

Medals In Menu
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Updated 5 months ago
Released 11 months ago
Created 11 months ago
Numeric ID 422
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania

Medals in Menu

Display author, gold, silver and bronze medals directly in campaign and totd menus, as well as:


Version 2.0 now enables the "Next Medal" feature for AT medal (originally just for bronze silver and gold), and displays the time difference (delta time) between PB and next medal. And many more useful options!

The rendering logic is inspired by NaNInf's ChampionMedals, and the rendering style by Miss' LoadProgress and NaNInf's ChampionMedals. The medal icons were stolen from Special thanks to XertroV for enlightening discussions about ML pages.


2.5 - 5 months ago

fixed compatibility with new update

2.4 - 8 months ago


2.3 - 10 months ago

Fixed medals showing on locked maps (as well as other small bugs).

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