MLHook: Manialink Hook & Event Inspector

A plugin by XertroV(Trusted developer)

MLHook: Manialink Hook & Event Inspector
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Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania

MLHook -- Manialink Hook Library & Event Inspector

For Users:

You may need to install this plugin as a dependency for another plugin that you want to use. In that case, you can install and forget -- it'll operate silently the background. That's all you need to know, but read on if you're curious.

For Everyone:

MLHook is a dependency plugin (for use by other plugins) to enable running code at the same time as Manialink does. It is also a developer tool used to inspect all Custom Events. (You must have the developer signature mode enabled.)

As a dependency, MLHook lets plugins interact with game elements that would not otherwise be possible, and send Custom Events that would otherwise not be possible.

Please report performance issues! See "About" for who/where.

For Devs:

Status: Public Beta and RFC, mostly stable API

Current Features:

  • Send events to Nadeo ML via CGameManialinkScriptHandler.SendCustomEvent (e.g., to display a ghost) or the playground's SendCustomEvent function.
  • Inject manialink code to read state from game objects or modify state (e.g., to trigger refreshing records)
    • Two-way messaging possible.
    • Scrape ML data of the form declare (netread) [Type] [Name] for [GameObject] and pass back to AngelScript
    • Receive messages from ML code via events using the MLHook::HookMLEventsByType base class. (see src/Exports/
    • Sent to ML code via MLHook::Queue_MessageManialinkPlayground(PageUID, {"Command_Blah", "Arg_Foo"}) (see src/ via src/Exports/
      • We don't use custom events while sending to maniascript to avoid scope / clobbering issues, and avoid duplicating all messages to all ML scripts.

(Note: additionally, see the section at the bottom)

Suggestions/feedback requested!

  • Is the API bad or missing something?
  • Any features that would let you do things you can't atm?
  • What manialink elements would you interact with that you can't?
  • Do you want to inject manialink code?
  • Anything else?


This plugin is only possible due to many prior efforts and a lot of trial and error. This is a non-exhaustive list of those who are owed partial credit and appreciation:

  • skybaxrider
  • thommie
  • zer0detail
  • Miss
  • nbert


License: Public Domain

Authors: XertroV

Suggestions/feedback: @XertroV on Openplanet discord



For Developers

MLHook currently allows 2-way comms between AS and ML.

Also, the use of SendCustomEvent on script handlers without crashing the game. In general, sending custom events seems to be fine when .Page is not null -- which it always is during the typical times that AngelScript runs. As far as I can tell, .Page is only not-null when Manialink code is executing, and even then, not all of the time.

For a detailed example of how to use MLHook, see MLFeed: Race Data.

Examples of direct usage (ctrl+f for 'MLHook'):


Add this to your info.toml:

dependencies = [ 'MLHook' ]

Send CGameManialinkScriptHandler Custom Events via:

void MLHook::Queue_SH_SendCustomEvent(const string &in type, string[] &in data = {})
void MLHook::Queue_PG_SendCustomEvent(const string &in type, string[] &in data = {})

Inject Manialink code to react to msgs from MLHook (which are independent of TM's script events).

void MLHook::InjectManialinkToPlayground(const string &in PageUID, const string &in ManialinkPage, bool replace = false)
void MLHook::Queue_MessageManialinkPlayground(const string &in PageUID, const string &in msg)
void MLHook::RemoveInjectedMLFromPlayground(const string &in PageUID)

To run code whenever an event with a particular type is detected:

void MLHook::RegisterMLHook(HookMLEventsByType@ hookObj, const string &in type = "")
void MLHook::UnregisterMLHookFromAll(HookMLEventsByType@ hookObj)

To safely unload injected ML and hooks when your plugin is unloaded, add this to (or wherever):

void OnDestroyed() { _Unload(); }
void OnDisabled() { _Unload(); }
void _Unload() {
    trace('_Unload, unloading all hooks and removing all injected ML');

Example using injected ML to refresh records:

Tips re ML Injection

You'll probably to recover from compile/syntax error:

  • on script error page, press ctrl+g to get rid of overlay
  • wait for "recovery restart" to come up (press okay when it does)
  • after a second the UI should have reloaded, then you can reload the plugin to try your new changes.

While developing, the manialink linter is very very useful to avoid wasting time waiting for recovery restart b/c you left out a ; or something.


0.5.1 - 2 months ago

  • Enable support for hooking Layer Custom Events
  • Support deregistration of ML-time callbacks (via UnregisterMLHooksAndRemoveInjectedML)
  • Add editor UI layers to UI layer browser
  • Make logs more discreet
  • Add logs window that's more verbose
  • Move UI layers browser + event inspector under their own menu in plugins menu
  • Fix some potential crashes (not observed in the wild)

0.5.0 - 5 months ago

  • Add support for Editor.PluginMapType as a ManiaApp
  • Fix injected ML disappearing when the game server changes game mode while the player is in it (thanks @Beu)
  • Add function documentation to help authors of dependent plugins
  • Support registering callbacks to be called during ML execution (MLHook::RegisterPlaygroundMLExecutionPointCallback(cb))

0.4.5 - 8 months ago

Added MLHook::Queue_MessageManialinkPlaygroundServer methods for communicating with the game server via netread/netwrite queues. Allows Angelscript <-> GameMode communication.

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