Modless Skids

A plugin by XertroV(Trusted developer)

Modless Skids
Downloads 11,636
Updated 8 days ago
Released 8 months ago
Created 9 months ago
Numeric ID 454
Min. Openplanet 1.26.25
Game Trackmania

Replace default skids with custom ones -- compatible with mods.

Can only be used to update skids while in the main menu.

Once you've applied skids, they will be autoloaded the next time TM starts.

This works by replacing the game's references to the standard .dds files for skids with references to custom .dds files for skids. Thus there's no effect on map mods or time of day.

Skids are sourced from but are mirrored to avoid GitHub limitations. They're also cached so you only need to download them once.

Note: please do not update this plugin while in a map.


0.2.2 - 8 days ago

  • Fix showing update window on start even though skids already downloaded (will now only show if there are actually skids to update)
  • Fix update progress being out of all skids instead of just those skids to update
  • Chores like fix compiler warnings

0.2.1 - 12 days ago

  • Fix potential issue with plugin exception while updating skids.

0.2.0 - 16 days ago

  • Add previews of skids (HUGE thank you to voblivion for some amazing work decoding dds files in angelscript)
  • Check for updates each time plugin starts
  • Enable/disable dirt mask
  • Enable/disable dirt tire smoke
  • Enable/disable asphalt tire smoke
  • Some skids will redownload (fixed compression)

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