No-Respawn Timer

A plugin by AnfR82

No-Respawn Timer
Downloads 198,336
Updated 5 months ago
Released 3 years ago
Created 3 years ago
Numeric ID 146
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania

When you start respawning during a run, it displays a timer close to the offical one (on the bottom) which gives the time you could have made without respawning. At the end of the run, it also displays the number of respawn(s) and the medal you could have win.

Version 1.1 :

  • Fix bug in online mode with hidden HUD

Version 1.2 :

  • Fix compatibility issue with march, 31 2022 update

Version 2.0 :

  • Add corrected CP delta during run

Version 2.1 :

  • Added optionnal background color to increase text contrast

Version 2.3 :

  • Improvement on very rare case of about 0.5sec time shift error (hopefully) -> seems not... sorry :(
  • Correction of the BIG time shift error when respawning before first CP in round

Version 2.4 :

  • Fix bug with hidden HUD (again...)

Version 2.5 :

  • Font adjustment to align with new TM main timer

Version 2.6 :

  • Minor bug fixes


2.6 - 5 months ago

Minor fixes

2.5 - 1 year ago

Font adjustment to align with new TM main timer

2.4 - 1 year ago

Bug fix regarding HUD visibility

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