A plugin by Snowisblack

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Updated 1 month ago
Released 3 months ago
Created 3 months ago
Game Trackmania

Developed by Snowisblack, Proff10, Ze-Rax and ThYpHoOn


  • RACEIT is a project to bring competitive matchmaking to Trackmania
  • you will have the ability to compete in fast paced matches on the best COTD maps of the last 6 weeks
    • therefore two maps are chosen each week by the community out of these week's COTD map pool
  • straight forward system -> start the plugin -> register if not already done or login -> play
    • we have a remember me and auto login feature that will log you in automatically at startup
  • you can add other users to your friend list
  • with a custom rating system you can always compare yourself with the rest of the players
  • easy support for other modes, systems, pools, etc.
  • the Plugin is always being updated and additional features are already planned and in development


Trackmania-exchange: RACEIT



1.1.4 - 1 month ago

  • added ZACK and woop woop as queue pop sounds
  • added ZRT queue
  • removed TMGL Queue

1.1.3 - 2 months ago

  • minor fix to permission checks (plugin only showed up after reload)

1.1.2 - 2 months ago

  • additions to leaderboards/stats
    • you can now see you own average time for each map
    • you now have a leaderboard where you see yourself and some players around you + your own rank
  • fixed the play map button, when you are currently on a map (non-yieldable context -> ups)
  • added the number of people that are currently queueing for the respective queue
  • added plus/minus ranking for last matches tab and displayed it instead of user

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