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Reactor Duration
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Updated 10 months ago
Released 11 months ago
Created 11 months ago
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Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania

The "Reactor Duration Plugin" offers a visual representation of the remaining time before a reactor depletes.

Important: Currently, the plugin's accuracy is not guaranteed to be 100% due to limitations in the available data. (I'm working ti change this tho)

Let's delve into the sources of inaccuracies: When driving over a reactor and initiating "reactor down", the plugin does not receive updates if the reactor is re-triggered while still in contact with the block, unless there's a state change (e.g., from "reactor down" to "reactor up"). This can lead to potential inaccuracies in the duration reading. However, there are exceptions with two specific surfaces: "road" and "platform". The effect blocks on these surfaces are distinct from those on the regular drivable areas, thus enabling a more accurate determination of the reactor's state.

Of note, my earlier reference to the "down reactor" is pivotal because the "up-reactor" cannot be re-triggered by an effect BLOCK. Still, the first five seconds might be inaccurate if you pass through an effect ring or effect gate, stemming from the aforementioned issue.

Important: The final second of the reactor's duration is always precisely determined since this specific data is 'decipherable'.

Future Plans: I aim to incorporate some hit-box code in some future update which should make everything a bit more consistent.


0.1.4 - 10 months ago


  • Timer no longer stops counting when the UI is hidden
  • Timer no longer counts down when paused


  • Add block hitbox collision detection
  • Add more vignette color settings

Any ideas for improvements :) @me

0.1.2 - 11 months ago

The plugin works now xdd, otherwise same as 0.1.1

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