Replays Enhanced

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Replays Enhanced
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Updated 12 months ago
Released 2 years ago
Created 2 years ago
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Min. Openplanet 1.24.5
Game Trackmania
Game Maniaplanet 4
Game Trackmania Turbo

Automatically save replays with the thousandths included! No more do you need to click that annoying bar and type the thousandth in manually. In addition to that, no more are the days where that annoying "Overwrite replay" message pops up. With Replays Enhanced, saving replays has never been easier! This plugin works in solo, local play, online and the map editor. Basically anywhere the save menu can be opened.

Plugin created by Mebe12 & Skuggaco.


Replay Name

  • Input name to display
  • Display profile name
  • Include the map name with formatting
  • Adds thousandth to the time
  • Add [count] for duplicate replay names

Multi-Environment Save

  • Save and move replays based on which main 4 environment currently loaded
  • Save and move replays based on which titlepack is loaded
  • Save and move replays no matter the environment or titlepack
  • Save and move replays based on the map name
  • Save and move replays based on if its a campaign track or not

Save Dialog Overwrite

  • Bypass default maniaplanet character length for the save name
  • Can be used for saving anything as long as it involves saving in the MP3 save menu

Session Replay List

  • Save any replay driven in the hunting session no matter when it was finished
  • Save replays downloading in the session
  • Save the track medals (author medal etc) if available


  • By default, the replay name will use the account login and stripped map name like a typical replay save. By entering a string in Display Name, that entered string will replace the login on the replay name. The option Include Ingame Name will replace the login on the replay name with the account nickname. Lastly, by enabling Include Map Name Formatting will replace the stripped map name with the map name including the formatting if present such as $s$i$fff for example.
  • When it comes to the replay location, you have 4 options to choose. By default, Multi-environment save is enable with saving in the main 4 environments. This is achieved by having Use Automatic Environment Detection and Save with the Main Four Environment Types enabled. This will save the replays in the folder location ManiaPlanet\Replays\Replays Enhanced\Collections\[Environments]\.
  • Next option is to save based off the titlepack name. To enable this, have Use Automatic Environment Detection enabled and Save with the Main Four Environment Types disabled. This will save replays in the folder representing the titlepack name. The folder location for these folders are ManiaPlanet\Replays\Replays Enhanced\Titlepacks\[Titlepacks]\.
  • Next option is to sort maps by their map name. This works alongside the other sorting settings. An example of the folder location is ManiaPlanet\Replays\Replays Enhanced\Collections\Canyon\[Map Name]
  • Next option is to sort into folders whether its a campaign track or not. This can either be an official Nadeo campaign or custom titlepack within maniaplanet. An example of the folder location is ManiaPlanet\Replays\Replays Enhanced\Collections\Canyon\Campaign. By default this option is disabled.
  • The last option allows you to choose a custom base location to save automatically sorted replays. By leaving blank it will sort into ManiaPlanet\Replays\Replays Enhanced\.... Its important to note do not end with a \, it will be automatically added.


For this plugin, when saving through the Nadeo menu the replay gets saved into the default Replays\Replays folder then moved after saved. If the replay already exists in that folder, the overwrite popup will be displayed. It is recommended to move the replays in that folder either into a subfolder or the folders created by this plugin. In addition, the plugin works on the old UI save menu. This menu can be accessed by while ingame, clicked by default 'R' or 'S' to save the replay. The plugin does not work on the MP4 UI options such as when finishing a run, clicking 'Save Replay'.

How to use

All the general settings will work regardless of use however for the Multi-environment save, just open the save menu and hit save in the main Replays\ folder. Selecting a folder in the save menu and saving will not move the replay into the sorted plugin created folders. This is as incase you want to manually save into another folder, we don't want that custom chosen folder, that replay to get moved.

Contact Us

If any bugs are discovered or you have any idea's for possible features feel free to message me on discord at Mebe12#2959.


2.6.0 - 12 months ago

Added Session Replay Save to TM2020!

Now just like in MP4 you can save previous runs driving within the session and currently downloaded replays. This works both for solo and multiplayer. To access either click E by default while spawned or go to Scripts->Replays->Save Previous Replay.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where in-game names with \ create a new folder when saved
  • Fixed save overwrite breaking with openplanet scaling enabled

2.5.0 - 1 year ago


  • Fixed issue where replays were not being saved online
  • Updated algorithm to detect when a completed run is being saved online for both TA and Rounds


  • Plugin works anywhere where MP3 scripts are running, such as RPG titlepack for example
  • The replay name updates after finishing online instead of after respawning at the start after finishing
  • Updated algorithm to detect when a completed run is being saved online for both TA and Rounds

All environments

  • Plugin works in the map editor
  • Fixed issue with keybinds not working after clicking sometimes
  • Refactored/Improved efficiency in code

2.4.0 - 1 year ago

Added support for TM2020!

  • Autosave replays on both solo and NOW ONLINE! (TM2020 only)
  • Includes features from the previous versions such as auto sorting, thousandths adding, duplication checking etc

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