SBVille Campaign Challenges

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SBVille Campaign Challenges
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Game Trackmania


A plugin that accompanies SBVille's 2023 Campaign. Enables you to view Ville's challenge times for all maps and track your progress in beating them.

If you beat the time set by Ville, you will be granted an SBV medal in the plugin window. To view the list of challenge times and your personal bests on all maps of the campaign, you can click the checkbox. If your personal bests don't seem to be up-to-date, you can refresh them using the button below the list.

The plugin window only appears when loaded into a map that is part of the campaign.


The author times of Ville's campaign are intended to be similar to the level of the official campaign author times, or at most slightly more difficult.

To offer a more demanding test for experienced players, Ville has grinded personal bests on each map and challenges you to beat them!


To give any feedback, please join SBVille's Discord Server, Sbv's Lounge.

For feedback about the campaign, please contact Ville ("sbv") on the Discord server.

For feedback about this plugin, you can also find me (Soppa) on the server.


Technical solutions used in the "Ultimate Medals" and "Champion Medals" plugins were used as helpful guides during development. Thanks for existing!

Graphics provided by Arppa and Bum.


1.0.1 - 10 months ago

Add export function for other plugins to get challenge time of current map uint getChallengeTime()

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