Platform Titlepack

A plugin by ArkadySK

Platform Titlepack
Downloads 689
Updated 18 days ago
Released 8 months ago
Created 8 months ago
Numeric ID 457
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania
main menus
gamemode showcase, with music player
in-race: the number below shows amount of respawns used

The titlepack implementation in TM2020, managed by OpenPlanet script.

Titlepack means a mode / a minigame / DLC (free one) for TM2020, that adds custom gamemode, custom campaign, custom menus, custom UIs, custom musics, ... And most importantly completely new feel!

Platform gamemode: Instead of racing against the time, you have to try to finish the map with as least respawns as possible.


0.6.1 - 18 days ago

fixed crash on functions/properties that were removed by Nadeo

0.6 - 1 month ago

  • menu update, supports more campaign maps
  • added testing campaign download for testers
  • added menu shortcuts for testers
  • added 'force demo mode' feature for testers
  • ui improvements

0.5 - 4 months ago

  • added replay menu (testers only)

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