Trackmania Bingo

A plugin by TheGeekid

Trackmania Bingo
Downloads 66,057
Updated 15 days ago
Released 1 year ago
Created 1 year ago
Numeric ID 271
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Trackmania

Trackmania Bingo Plugin

This plugin features a custom gamemode where two teams battle against each other to claim as many cells as possible on a grid in order to try and complete a row, column or diagonal!

Each cell on this board corresponds to a track that players can claim for their team by achieving a specific medal on that track. Once a track has been claimed, in order to reclaim it, other teams must beat the time that was set on that track. Try to play strategically to be the first team to achieve a bingo!

The gamemode is receiving regular updates, you can check out the source code on GitHub:


I need your help to improve the plugin! If you encountered a bug or want to suggest a feature, please post it on the issue tracker. You should hear back from me soon after!

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4.3 - 15 days ago

This small update brings a couple of improvements to your Bingo experience. Featuring:

  • A new in-game teams display. At the moment, it is only useful to show your list of teammates, but this new menu will get expanded upon in future versions to provide extra information about the state of each player.
  • Reconnection is back! Since the 4.0 update, you could not rejoin your active games after closing the game. This update reintroduces it, and it should hopefully be able to save a few of your games.
  • Cells can now be pinged by double-clicking on the bingo grid to get the attention of other players on something happening on the bingo grid. This is only visible to your own team, so use it to plan out your strategy or to yell ALERT!!! when the other team is one map away from winning.

4.2 - 1 month ago

Quality of life update! Public profiles have been slightly tweaked, they now only show the amount of matches played. If you have won a daily challenge, it will also display your daily wins, as a small showoff.

There's also been a new addition to the Daily Challenge. You can now access the history of all past daily challenges, including how many players participated and who were the winners.

A couple of bugs have been fixed:

  • Maps will be shuffled again when restarting a new game from the same room
  • Fix invisible settings window
  • Fix reroll button alignment issues
  • Daily challenge timer is now correctly positioned

4.1 - 2 months ago

A small hotfix for today's update containing the following fixes:

  • Fixed issues related to the Daily Challenge not loading.

  • Fix a plugin crash caused by window resizing.

  • Added a workaround for weird icons in some tooltips.

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