Track Remover

A plugin by Mebe12

Track Remover
Downloads 46
Updated 20 days ago
Released 3 months ago
Created 3 months ago
Numeric ID 541
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game Maniaplanet 4
Game Trackmania Turbo

Remember the pain of opening a replay driven on a Nadeo track and having all the custom camera's and effects stopping you from viewing the run? Remember spam clicking on delete just to get rid of all the media tracks? No longer do you need to do that. With a simple click of a button (Shift + R) by default, all mediatracker tracks besides the time, race camera and ghosts get removed. This plugin works best in turbo as unlike in maniaplanet you can't simply spam enter to remove, you need to click another input and the mouse disappears requiring you to move the mouse.


1.0.1 - 20 days ago

  • Fixed bug crashing script if mediatracker block exists but isn't present on the timeline

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