Unique Replay Name

A plugin by ZaraCodes

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Updated 6 months ago
Released 11 months ago
Created 11 months ago
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Game ManiaPlanet 4

Before you start

Set your preferences by opening the Openplanet Menu and navigating to Openlanet -> Settings and then selecting Unique Replay Name. Here you can set up the replay name and the counter. Please be aware that the replay name and the counter are only allowed to have 10 characters in total.


  • hit S (or your custom hotkey for saving replays) to automatically set a unique replay name.
  • Set a replay name and use a counter that ticks up every time you save a replay.

Patch Notes


  • Fixed "random" crashes (hopefully)
  • Removed date mode
  • Moved settings into openplanet settings
  • Saving settings should now work


  • Initial release

Source Code

The source code for this plugin is available here.