Vehicle unlock

A plugin by Dommy(Trusted developer)

Vehicle unlock
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Updated 2 months ago
Released 2 months ago
Created 2 months ago
Numeric ID 438
Min. Openplanet 1.26.0
Game ManiaPlanet 4
Stadium car on a Valley map played inside Trackmania² Valley.
Player model selection visible after Ctrl-clicking an edited map inside Trackmania² Valley.

This plugin enables play and editing of maps, which use vehicles other than the default one inside Nadeo base titles. For example, playing a Stadium Car map inside base Trackmania² Valley title.


  • Stops the game from forcing the same car onto every map within a base title (Canyon, Valley, Lagoon, etc.).
  • Restores "Select a model" prompt when Ctrl-clicking "Edit" on a map.
  • Automatically enables itself inside Nadeo titles (titles with id ending with @nadeo and @nadeolive).
  • Can be manually toggled on or off from the Plugins menu.

Usage notes

  • You don't need to own a game to use its car. All vehicles are available globally within ManiaPlanet.
  • If the currently loaded title doesn't force a player model, the menu option is grayed out, because it's unnecessary.
  • Stadium unlock is still required for accessing vehicles other than Stadium Car on Stadium maps.
  • If you use a default skin on one of the cars, that skin will not appear until you've loaded into the base title the skin comes with. For example, a Canyon Car with GT500 skin will only have that skin applied if the Trackmania¬≤ Canyon title was entered before. Custom skins from the user data directory work normally.