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1.26.14 for Trackmania Turbo

default 5 months ago

  • Added game version data for 2024-02-26 (faster startup time)
  • Added file search to Pack Explorer
  • Added several missing UI style variables: DisabledAlpha, TabBarBorderSize, SeparatorTextBorderSize, DockingSeparatorSize, SeparatorTextAlign, SeparatorTextPadding
  • Added Meta::Plugin::SignatureLevel
  • Added Audio::LoadSampleFromAbsolutePath for more efficient sample loading from absolute paths (like plugin storage folder)
  • Added consistent formatting for script sanity check errors
  • Added warning for exported dependencies if they are already a dependency of the current build
  • Fixed missing settings save when closing settings dialog through menu
  • Fixed allocating too much memory when loading longer audio files, which could eventually cause the game to crash and/or freeze for a long time
  • Fixed missing script exception when unable to find audio source
  • Fixed being able to play streamed samples from more than 1 voice
  • Fixed crash when removing non-handle objects from game buffers in scripts
  • Fixed crash when parsing metadata with extraneous whitespace or newlines
  • Fixed wstring::SubStr differing in behavior when not providing length parameter
  • Fixed missing const on iso classes
  • Updated miniaudio to v0.11.21
  • Updated Angelscript

1.26.0 for Trackmania Turbo

default 11 months ago

  • Added first version of plugin manifests; this replaces having many different *.sig files in a plugin with a single .manifest file, and is a stepping stone towards bigger features to come
  • Added first version of competition profiles; this allows competitions to explicitly define allow- and block-lists (in coordination with the Openplanet team)
  • Updated Angelscript

1.25.45 for Trackmania Turbo

default 1 year ago

  • Added opEquals for vectors
  • Added Text::EncodeBase64 and Text::DecodeBase64
  • Added Net::HttpRequest::Json()
  • Added Openplanet-Old.log for the previous session log file
  • Added export_dependencies to plugin info file which is useful for nested dependencies (eg. A depends on B depends on C, where B's exports contains types from C)
  • Added the ability to use the core API audience in the NadeoServices dependency
  • Added the ability to display descriptions for screenshots in the Plugin Manager (thanks MisfitMaid)
  • Added the ability to display screenshots at arbitrary aspect ratios in the Plugin Manager (thanks MisfitMaid)
  • Updated Angelscript (potential performance improvements)
  • Fixed crash when loading fids
  • Fixed crash when using Reflection::GetType* functions with non-existing class name or type ID
  • Fixed divide by zero error when resizing the plugin manager to very small sizes (thanks skybaks)

1.25.40 for Trackmania Turbo

default 1 year ago

  • Added UI scale option to settings (requires a game restart, and may still have issues in certain plugins)
  • Added UI::GetScale
  • Added the ability to Shift+Click on menu items to not close the menu
  • Added support for MwStridedArray
  • Added support for castor callbacks, this allows casting structures such as CGameDirectLinkScript
  • Added UI::SetMouseCursor
  • Added UI::ButtonColored
  • Added UI::Indent and UI::Unindent
  • Added Json::Value factory functions for all types, and any class that implements Json::Value@ ToJson() const
  • Added Text::FormatOpenplanetColor and Text::FormatGameColor
  • Added int2, int3, nat2, nat3 to Dev API's
  • Added "Explore nod" menu item in Fid Explorer
  • Added logs when disabling & enabling plugins and loading disabled plugins
  • Added logs for more uninitialization routines
  • Added option to the log window to disable automatic scrolling
  • Added more detailed view of nod pools in Nod Explorer
  • Improved performance of Openplanet hashtables
  • Improved performance of class and member lookups
  • Improved error reporting for plugins without (valid) signatures
  • Fixed assertion when empty window title is provided to UI::Begin (it will now throw a script exception instead)
  • Fixed assertion when passing invalid float value to aspect in Mat4::Perspective
  • Fixed showing overlay toggle keys in the settings that don't generally work on a keyboard
  • Fixed conflicting module names for plugins (they now correctly throw errors)
  • Fixed broken UI in Nod Explorer's proc call when vec2 and vec3 parameters are present
  • Fixed ambiguous IDs with arrays in Nod Explorer
  • Fixed crash when clicking on string parameters in Nod Explorer's proc call window
  • Fixed "Update Tree" menu item in Fid Explorer causing a crash

1.25.17 for Trackmania Turbo

default 2 years ago

  • Fixed invalid plugin signatures of the plugin manager