AFK Queue Tool

A plugin by Nsgr(Trusted developer)

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1 month ago

Download 2.7.2

Requires at least Openplanet 1.26.23


1 month ago

Download 2.7.1

Requires at least Openplanet 1.26.23

Fixed a typo that switched TM and M3 division assignment around


1 month ago

Download 2.7.0

Requires at least Openplanet 1.26.23

  • Fixed automatic division assignment and resulting menu styling
  • Fix high queue time measurement
  • Added support for global scaling
  • Squashed some other bugs


1 month ago

Download 2.6.2

Requires at least Openplanet 1.26.23

  • Fix compatibility with an Angelscript change


7 months ago

Download 2.6.1

Requires at least Openplanet 1.26.0

  • Move to the new "Meet" API


8 months ago

Download 2.6.0

Requires at least Openplanet 1.26.0

  • Remove Nadeo Squadding functionality and only rely on client-side requests for now :)
  • Put more hints that the Nadeo API might just reply weird stuff because you never queued for a gamemode (These warnings will be handled differently in the future)
  • Fix a few UI issues


9 months ago

Download 2.5.10

Requires at least Openplanet 1.26.0

  • Fix UI-related issues leading to assertion failures
  • Fix Royal team display showing empty teams
  • Update Refresh button location in Leaderboard


1 year ago

Download 2.5.9
  • Add support for squad types (which menu a created squad will be seen in)
  • Add a few more heartbeat statuses (Canceled because crossplay, old game ver, etc.)
  • Fix for receiving prestige during matches interfering with the notification observer
  • Minor stuff


2 years ago

Download 2.5.6
  • Display points in top left corner when hovering over a players' history graph
  • Minor bugfixes


2 years ago

Download 2.5.3
  • Minor bugfixes for the new match view


2 years ago

Download 2.5.2
  • Fixed Point / Division stats in match view
  • Added live scores to match view
  • Redesigned match view
  • Now pinging the match server to whether its already up (requires being in menu) (this fixes the "Cannot find server..." dialogs)


2 years ago

Download 2.4.2
  • Support Font / Texture API changes
  • Do not have popups for missing Leaderboard / Progression status when starting the plugin, and some other stuff
  • Wait for guaranteed network connection at plugin start before loading anything


2 years ago

Download 2.4
  • Adapt for new UI::InputBlocking API


2 years ago

Download 2.3
  • Update for syntax changes in Matchmaking, Club and Competition APIs
  • Update for Plugin API changes
  • Other small fixes and improvements


2 years ago

Download 2.2.4
  • Resolve failed assertion because of empty UI element ID


2 years ago

Download 2.2.3